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  • How to Write a CV: 6 Important Steps for Fresh Graduates
      You just saw a job you feel suits your qualifications and are sure you have a shot. Problem is, you do not have a CV yet. You have already checked out templates online but you want something customised. Don’t worry; we have provided the solution you’re looking for. A good CV provides a detailed… The post How to Write a CV: 6 Important Steps for Fresh Gradu […]
  • Own Your Journey: The Top 5 Sure Steps for Career Success
    Own your journey is a phrase used to encourage you to take charge of your career’s destiny. A key trait quality of anyone with the intention of succeeding in their career is a strong desire to own their journey. owning their career journey. It means being responsible for your decisions, achievements, and even mistakes. At the end of the day, your career will […]
  • 4 Major Benefits of Induction Course to New University Students
    The induction course is an introductory course taken in the initial weeks of your admission to a university. This applies to both online and offline universities. Some students choose to forego the induction course. That’s why we have prepared this article focusing on the four reasons why you need to take this course seriously. The post 4 Major Benefits of I […]
  • Does Your Income Potential Increase When You Get a Master’s Degree?
    When investing, the return on investment is of high priority. This also applies to qualitative engagements in our lives like training, exercise, meditation, therapy and such. Therefore, you will most likely ask yourself, ‘Will my income increase after getting a master’s degree?” You are not alone. Many ask themselves the same question for any post-graduate p […]

Why Consider a UNICAF Scholarship Programme?
UNICAF - Graduate on Campus. Study Online

UNICAF is one of the most generous scholarship Programmes available. The programme supports students that are domiciled in Africa and provides opportunities for studies towards various distance learning degree programmes awarded by European, British and American universities. Currently UNICAF provides scholarships for the online programmes offered by the University of South Wales in the UK, the University of Nicosia in the EU and the Marymount California University in the USA.

Posted by Unicaf on Monday, February 2, 2015